New Research Debunks Sugar Addiction Myth

Sugar addiction, how real is it? To understand the actual impact that Sugar has on food dependence, let us look at what the science says.

Your sugar cravings might not be actual ‘addiction’ to the glucose itself. In a study by Markus C.R et al. They actually put this societal issue to the test.

sugar addiction


To get to the bottom of the sugar-addiction problem, scientists performed a study on a large group of individuals. The number of people studied was 1495 and all of them were university students.

The results of this study are great because it was performed on humans. Unlike most trials that use mice or rats.

The data found that food dependence does occur, but not in sugar like many people believe. 95% of the subjects had at least one symptom of food dependence and 13% were full-blown addicted.

The majority of respondents experienced these problems for combined high-fat savoury (30%) and high-fat sweet (25%) foods…

Only about 5% of these individuals showed dependence on pure sugar-based foods. That is a very small statistic.


The problem might lie in the fact that people confuse high-fat-high-sugar foods purely with ‘sweet’ and ignore the fat content.

If there are any foods to blame for your inability to stop going for that next flavor adventure it would be things like: Pastries, baked goods, deep fried goods etc.


The ‘sugar’ you are craving is actually just highly-palatable foods, i.e TASTY AS FUCK. The best way to live your life free from the chains of a yo-yo diet is to INCLUDE these foods into your diet. By including them in moderation, you are avoiding the longing empty feeling that might instigate a binge.

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