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You are here to find something that could improve your life. You have an inner desire to become the best version of yourself and you believe that your potential is limitless, you are not alone…

DRVFT seeks to put out the best advice on a wide range of topics including life, gym and business to ANSWER YOUR DEEPEST QUESTIONS.

The world is filled with people, ideas and events that are there to inspire us. These things are what will make up DRVFT’s existence.

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This week Tony Robbins takes you through why you are either happy, unhappy or deeply suffering. This video provides a vivid understanding and perspective to our life. Is your life aligned to your blueprint?

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From Broken and Empty To Fulfilled – The One Idea That Completely Changed My Life – Forever

‘You are the average of the five people you surround yourself with’  – Anonymous Today marks year 7 of a...

This week’s post is an idea shared by Sir Richard Branson. During an interview with Tim Ferris, Branson was asked what his secret to his enregy level is. The answer was a combination of tennis, kite surfing and surfing (and that’s before breakfast.

Click the post to see some of Branson’s other secrets to his vitality.



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