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Bring your glute training to another level

Are you struggling to get your legs or glutes in shape? Have all the plans you followed given you next to no results? That’s because none of them were based on scientific weight training methods.

The misconception

The fitness industry is filled with scams and fads about glute training. The girls who sell glute training plans do not even follow their own plans. Have you been led to believe that weight training will make you look big and bulky? If you have I don’t blame you, that is just the common image that most ambassadors portray.

What this program offers

The Glute Growth Plan is a short and simple 4-day per week gym program specifically design towards exercises and rep ranges for booty growth. There’s no complicated sheets to print out or any misleading promises.

You just receive a short introduction on the principles that you have to follow and the glute training program. The program includes two upper body days that you can follow to avoid asymmetrical development and to balance out your physique. But these days aren’t a necessity for your glute progress.

Do not be afraid of the weights if you are new to it

Most of the fitness models that you think are too bulky are probably on steroids or they have been training for a lifetime. By training with weights you are actually ‘toning’ and ‘firming’ your muscles. That coupled with a good diet will offer you the best glute gains you have ever seen.

for a diet plan, you can check out my book or follow the latest blog series on DRVFT to set up your own diet plan.




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