Personal online coaching 8-24 weeks


DRVFT peronal online coaching. Hire a coach to guide you along your fitness journey step-by-step.


online coaching





Download your online coaching questionnaire for free and e-mail the completed questionnaire to Alternatively got to the online application for online coaching.

After completing and returning your online coaching questionnaire, you will receive a payment link from PayFast in your inbox. You can pay via credit card, EFT or Debit card (SA). After recieving confirmation of payment, your blueprint will be formulated and returned to you within 3-5 days. The regular price is R699 for 8 weeks of coaching, for every extra 8 weeks you pay 25% less.



  • A free copy of my e-book ‘The Anti Diet’ that teaches you how to track macros.
  • A pre-planned meal schedule with specific foods that you could eat.
  • calorie and macronutrient numbers and guidance
  • a specific training program.
  • spreadsheets to track your weight, calories, training, measurements and more.
  • a weekly update to your plan via e-mail, with macro changes, motivation, free advice and more.

For every eight weeks you stay with me I subtract 25% of the coaching price. As a coach it is important to establish a relationship with clients and understand their minds and bodies. Weekly or monthly skype sessions are available for free at specifically indicated times, where we could have face-toface interactions. All training programs and nutrition guidance comes accompanied with video links when requested if you don’t understand what to do. Emergency 24 hr e-mail contact is also available and will be replied within the next day.

Things that online coaching can do for you:

  • Have a permanent guide helping you with tough nutrition and training decisions.
  • You will have a peramanent mentor to help you deal with psychological issues when it comes to food, binge eating,  body dysmorphia etc.
  • When pursuing your body goals, there are few people who support you. With a coach you will always have 100% support and guidance.
  • Rediscover your inner drive as you receive weekly pep-talks and motivation from a coach.

online coaching

Start your journey with an online coach now and after a few months you would have all the knowledge and information to continue maintaining a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life.

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